Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Damn You, Internet!

For the last couple of months, I've had a handful of scanned images sat in my comics folder, waiting for me to get round to posting something connected with them.

As you can see, one of them's the cover of Justice League of America #146 from 1977 - a tale of the classic satellite era League taking on one of their oldest foes, the Construct, while at the same time dealing with the return of the previously destroyed Red Tornado.

I love the cover - the way Reddy's body is less exploding and more springing apart like some clown car, particularly the eyes and ears, makes me chuckle no end. But that wasn't what I was planning to post about.

See, it was the banner in the bottom right corner that caught my eye:

That's right - YOU could be in the Superman movie! I saw that and got to wondering: who did win that damn competition? I know - I spend too much time . . .

I did some hunting round on the net, checking out a few fan sites and the imdb entry of the film, trying to find out the names of the two winners but with no success. That led me to thinking about a blog post at some point down the line where I'd babble about the competition and how the winners had disappeared . . . or whether anyone had actually won at all! Maybe some dark conspiracy between DC and the film's producers meant the whole thing was a hoax, a way of boosting sales of the comic without ever having to cough up the prize?!

Jump to today and I start typing this damn post up finally. Just to be sure, though, I do a quick Google search using the words superman movie contest winner 1977 and, third from the top, is this entry for Superman: The Movie from the Superman wiki.

There for all to see, in the Trivia section, is a paragraph about the two winners, Edward Finneran from Massachusetts and Tim Hussey from California, detailing where they appear in the film.

Damn you, internet. Now what am I going to write about?

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