Friday, 5 February 2010

Friday Night Fights - Only A Master Of Evil

I had something else planned for tonight's fight, something that I'd already scanned in and written up. As it is, I woke this morning with a totally different scene in my head - yes, I wake up thinking about comics and blogging and . . . Star Wars!

Pulled from the pages of the Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars (before it became known as Episode IV: A New Hope) comes the battle between Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader:

I love that last panel on the page above - Vader and Kenobi facing off with the lightsabers locked between them . . . takes me back to reading the story when I was a kid!

Even though the dialogue isn't spot-on from the film, it still manages to work somehow . . . much like the terrible dialogue in the film, actually!

Oh sure, we all know Ben's coming back as a ghost in the next film but right now, at this instant, this is a great win for the bad guys, thus fulfilling Spacebooger's demands that the good guys lose in this round of Friday Night Fights.

Remember to head over to Spacebooger, check out the other fights and cast your vote!

This completed circle was first shown in Star Wars #4, cover dated October 1977, written by Roy Thomas with are by Howard Chaykin and Steve Leialoha, but the scans come from the collection Star Wars: A Long Time Ago... Volume 1 published in 2002.


  1. Funny you should use that, but I can't say more right now.

  2. C'mon, man - you can't leave me hanging like that!


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