Sunday, 14 February 2010

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #71

Horrendously busy in work over the last week, so much so I didn't even get a chance to post a Friday Night Fight. Still got my comics, though:

  • Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 - missed this last week but have to be honest and say I have no idea why Mera's rage is so great, what the big secret was or what Wonder Woman hinted at. No idea at all.
  • Booster Gold #29 - the destruction of Coast City's about to happen all over again and Booster's right in the middle of it.
    • Second Feature: Blue Beetle - ah, all good things come to an end, I guess. I shall miss Blue Beetle both as a series and a back-up in this comic. It was a good, fun series which is what I like but at least Matt Sturges was able to finish off his storyline.
  • The Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill #3 - oooooh, traitors everywhere, it seems.
  • Green Arrow/Black Canary #29 - warning! The cover of this issue does not in any way reflect the contents! As usual, clumsy dialogue, horrible art and . . . I'm sorry, but . . . Hilt?! Bwah-ha-ha! Oh my dear lord that has to be the crappiest, most contrived villain name in the world! A guy with a knife handle sticking out the back of his head, whose name is Hilton, is being set up to become a bad guy called Hilt?!
  • JSA All-Stars #3 - Power Girl and Magog throw down just before the events of last week's Justice Society Annual and sub-plots galore are introduced.
    • Second Feature: Liberty Belle & Hourman - light and fun, this isn't exactly taxing but it's pretty good.
  • Punishermax #4 - Jason Aaron turns in a good Garth Ennis pastiche with the advent of the Mennonite taking on the Punisher, ably helped along by gorgeous Steve Dillon art.
  • Secret Six #18 - the identity of Mockingbird is revealed in a sort of "Why didn't I see that coming?" kind of way and the Six and the Squad team up against the Black Lanterns.
And what made me smile:
I remember a similar scene in Young Justice with Superboy and Impulse complaining about their books getting cancelled but this made me chuckle. Farewell, Blue Beetle . . .

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