Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Finally Annotated?

Back last year, I mentioned that the platform I used for both my Annotated sites - Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis - was going to change from Google Page Creator to Google Sites.  Everything seemed to go a bit quiet after that so I carried on using Page Creator to make any updates to either site.

About a month or two back I had an automated mail from Google saying they'd be migrating both sites over to the new platform but nothing's happened yet.

I'm loathe to make any more additions/changes to either of them (which is my way of saying I'm getting out of finishing the few odds and ends on Final Crisis for a while) until they're migrated.  I still feel the urge, though, to throw something together and get back into annotating . . . if only there was another big DC event coming up that I could have a go at . . .

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