Sunday, 12 July 2009

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #45

Another quick round up of this week's comics:

  • Booster Gold #22 - anyone want to take a guess at the shadowy guy directing Black Beetle? Booster's dad again? Too obvious?
  • Green Arrow And Black Canary #22 - since Andrew Kreisberg took over this title, all Canary and Arrow seem to do is bitch at each other - dude, they were happily married before you came along!
  • Green Lantern #43 - Blackest Night is shaping up to be one hell of a story line!
  • The Punisher #72 - wait a minute . . . two people manage to creep up behind Frank in one issue?!
  • The Stand: American Nightmares #4 - Flagg and Lloyd Henreid in the prison is one of my favourite scenes from the book and while it's necessarily contracted here, it still works.
  • Wednesday Comics #1 - on the whole this was pretty good though I have to wonder whether Amanda Conner illustrating the Supergirl strip will impact on her work on Power Girl - as much as I love her work, she's not exactly known for being fast and with two gigs at once . . . ?
And what made me raise an eyebrow this week:
Sapphire's hoping for "the mother of all pearl necklaces"?! I can't be the only one to think Neil Gaiman can't be ignorant of the double meaning of that phrase can I?


  1. Re: Pearl necklace: o_O
    Re: mystery man: My guess is Maxwell Lord

  2. Not to mention Sapph[o]'s fondness for giant clams.

    Perhaps comics aren't for kids after all.

  3. Keith - Max Lord? Good guess though I thought he was going to be back as a Black Lantern?

    Steve - heh, nice one!


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