Sunday, 15 December 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #254

Oh, that's going to end well

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #26 - the old GL Citadel is brought to Mogo and the injured within are retrieved, along with John's squeeze, Fatality. Jruk's sent back to his homeworld to ensure that they don't strike a deal with the Khunds but, unknown to the GLC, shapeshifting Durlans are already there to scotch the deal in the Khunds favour. They do this by pretending to be Feska and having her assassinate a warrior from Jruk's world. Oh, and John calls Hal out on the crappy decisions he's been making and belts him in the mouth.

Not bad on the whole; Hal heard some long overdue home truths from John and there's the possibility of a romance between Feska and Jruk, I'm thinking.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #25 - Owlman reveals his origins on Earth-3 (and it's a nice twist on the familiar Batman tale) while forcing the organised crime bosses to bow to him, at the same time inadvertently creating the new Plastic Man. He also tries to convince Nightwing to join him in taking down the Crime Syndicate, unaware that Superwoman overhears him.

Again, not bad, although it's baffling that Plastic Man's created here when he was clearly shown in the first issue of Justice League International.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #10 - It's a mixture of Stargirl's memories and J'onn trying to help her stay alive against the bad guys who've come to kill her, the situation being the end result of their escape from the psychic prison that is Firestorm's head. Eventually they're separated and Stargirl heads off to LA to find her family while J'onn tries to find Firestorm who, he discovers, is counting down...

Another not bad; a little more of Stargirl's origin and I like Matt Kindt's J'onn, although Firestorm counting down... ? Didn't we have that at the end of Brightest Day which went nowhere due to the New 52 coming along?

WORLDS' FINEST #18 - Power Girl's powers are still unreliable but together she and Huntress track down the tattooed woman who's been burning down fashion shows lately. These's a quick fight with the woman's demon boss and . . . that's it.

The tattooed woman's story has been around for three issues and is wrapped up here quicker than feels right. No name, no real motive (apart from mention of a demon granting her powers) and a mentor that looks like Ra's al Ghul all brushed aside to make way for the Superman/Batman crossover in the next few issues. Quite poor on the whole, and Silva's pencils really don't work for me. As a big Power Girl fan, this should be one of my favourite titles but, as time goes on, it falls lower and lower down my list.

And what made me smile:

Hey, if that's the worst case scenario, I'd take it, too.

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  1. At this point Johns either never read JLI or he's ignoring it on purpose.


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