Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wait, What? There's A Terminator Reboot Coming?

Have I been living under a rock recently? I know this blog's comic related but I read a lot of news sites that talk about films as well for a good reason: I love films as well as comics.

But somehow I appear to have missed the news that The Terminator is being rebooted and might even have a title of Terminator: Genesis.

Admittedly Terminator: Salvation wasn't as good as it could have been but, to my mind, I don't think it was as bad as many people think, either. I'd much rather see a new film set post-Salvation than starting over again; it just seems a little tired and predictable to think "Most people who saw the original are old now - hell, they must be at least in their forties - so it's time to bring the original story to a new generation."

Yeah, you know, the generation that can watch the original any damn time they please just by putting a DVD in the player.

I'm not against remakes - John Carpenter's The Thing is still one of my favourite films - and some reboots do work - I'll take Batman Begins over Batman any day - but I think there's a difference between the Batman films and the Terminator series. Just about any actor can put on a batsuit and pretend to be Batman (may I refer you to Val Kilmer and George Clooney) but with the Terminator film, hell the entire series of films, you have something that are so closely associated with one actor - dear old Mr Schwarzenegger - that it's impossible to separate him from them. Even Salvation found a way to put him in there in a believable manner and any reboot is going to have to deal with that somehow, in the same way Fury Road is going to have to cope without Mel Gibson.

Why can't we have something new in the same universe, a continuation of the post-Judgement Day world? Who here who saw T2 in the cinema twenty odd years ago didn't think the future battle scenes were the most intriguing aspect of the film? Who didn't want to see more of that terrible, blasted landscape littered with human skulls? And who wasn't disappointed when the glimpse we got in Salvation and the promise of more was cut short?

Another reboot?


  1. here here on The Thing as done by Carpenter and Batman Begins vs the shit stain tragedies that came out before. but don't forget about The Fly remake too that was an awesome movie and then of course last year's Dredd which was one of my top films of 2012 along with Argo and Chronicle. i just hope any sort of Terminator reboot looks more promising then the new Robocop trailer.

  2. You're right about The Fly and Dredd - both excellent films and ones I'd happily watch again, and yeah, I loved Argo, too.

    The Robocop trailer . . . see, that's another of my favourite films and then they go and remake it. Or reboot it. What is the difference, anyway? Is it a remake if the original's a stand-alone (like The Fly or The Thing) and a reboot if it's restarting a franchise (like Batman or the Terminator)? Or have I just made that up?


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