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Who'd Like A Cocktail? #252

I hear that all the time, though thankfully never from Mrs Earth-Prime

ALL STAR WESTERN #25 - Not exactly being the trusting type, Hex (with Gina in tow) follows Constantine and ends up helping him get rid of the demon that's possessed the festival goers but not before said demon discovers Hex himself has some sort of guardian fallen angel watching over him. With the demon dispatched, Constantine helps Hex summon Swamp Thing who might be able to help him return to his own time. Trouble is, Swampy finds something not native to Nevada and it all goes tits up.

Another excellent issue; the story's tight and does what it needs to, finishing one plot and bringing in another seamlessly. My only complaint is that it looks like they've gone for a Black Mercy as a plot device and, for me at least, they're a little tried and tested.

AQUAMAN #25 - Arthur uses the old king's sceptre to control the creatures from the Trench to challenge the rule of Atlan who's become a despot in the last six months. So much so that the Atlanteans quickly follow Arthur when he attacks (freeing Mera in the process) and defeats Atlan. He sets himself up as king of Atlantis with Mera at his side while on the surface, Nereus, leader of Xebel, finds Orm and wants to join with him in ruling the world.

Not a bad finish to Geoff Johns's run with most of the plot points being resolved and just enough left for the new writer to play with. I wonder why Aquaman and Mera are allowed to live happily ever after (not that I'm complaining about that) when no other couple in the DCU are.

GREEN TEAM #6 - the crew get back from the meteor and face the guy who's behind everything and there's transformations and shocks galore. Or something.

Ah well, this is almost over.

LARFLEEZE #5 - a prisoner of the Orange Lanterns, Larfleeze ends up being tortured by them as he refuses to act as their slave. Elsewhere, Stargrave and the Wanderer end up trying to track down the Council of Ten, enemies of the Wanderer and her family from another universe.

I found myself getting a little bored with this - it's fun but nothing new - until the last couple of pages which contains a shock about Larfleeze's origins which explains why he ended up the possessor of avarice and, hopefully, might take the character in a slightly different direction.

LETTER 44 #2 - President Blades is briefed again on the alien structure that's sitting in the asteroid field and sees some of the futuristic tech and weaponry that's been designed to combat them should the need to. He also decides to bring them out of the lab and deploy them on the battlefields around the world to shorten the wars his predecessor started in order to fund the secret weapons. Up on the Clarke, the astronauts investigating the aliens have their own problems.

Not bad at all. There's quite a lot going on - not least of which is the pregnant mission commander on the Clarke - and it's well written. The art's still not doing a great deal for me but I'm hoping I can get used to it.

PRETTY DEADLY #2 - Big Alice and her gang descend upon Sarah's house, looking for Fox and Ginny only to find them gone. During the attack, Deathface Ginny appears and takes on the gang, only having trouble with Alice herself who claims to have been sent by Ginny's father - Death - to bring her home.

The Old West, magic and death - a combination I love. This is good though it's still in the early days so there's plenty of questions and things that don't quite seem to gel yet but I think they will soon enough. Well worth a read.

TEEN TITANS #25 - Kid Flash ends up in the future, along with most of the rest of the Titans and after being captured by the Echo Chronal Authority, Bart - and the other Titans - are shown his former self who appears to be something of a mass murderer. While they're watching that, Wonder Girl is attacked by the rogue Superboy that the future Beast Boy left them with last issue.

It's not bad, I guess, though it seems a little all over the place, so maybe the pacing's a little off.

And what made me smile:

Oh Jonah, you smooth talker you.


  1. I would assume that Aquaman and Mera get to stick together because they are a far, far less famous couple than pretty much anyone else. Mera adds a significant dimension to Aquaman, for one. Until such point where she's deemed well-known enough to theoretically even support her own series (I think this is something Geoff Johns always kind of wanted, because he clearly loves the character), Mera sticks loyally by Aquaman's side. This whole run has been about bringing this franchise to the level of importance it should have been decades ago. But Aquaman became a cultural joke. Even Peter David and the hook and the King Arthur allusions never pulled it off, or all the Atlantis mythologizing. Johns did for Aquaman what he'd done for Hal Jordan, but arguably on a much larger scale because of the difference in expectations. Hopefully, hopefully, the new writers don't screw it up.

  2. Ha ha smooth talker indeed;) That hex....


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