Thursday, 5 January 2012

Green Arrow To Be Fun, Apparently

Green Arrow gets his third creative team since the relaunch with original writer J.T. Krul being replaced by Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens from issue #3 and now with new writer Ann Nocenti taking the reins from issue #7 onwards.

I've not read anything by her so was interested to read the interview with her over at Newsarama where she talks about Ollie and what she wants to do with the series and there's one thing she keeps mentioning that gives me hope for the series.

Sure, she mentions that Ollie will start to develop his left leaning politics, that he'll be doing a bit more travelling and that his Achilles heel - the ladies - are going to be an important part in his adventures. Oh, and she's planning to beef up his rogues gallery as well which is something that never really been done successfully. Seriously, how many recurring villains for Green Arrow can you name? Merlyn the archer? Brick and Drakon from Winick's run? Any others that aren't already established villains for other heroes like Dr Light or Solomon Grundy?

But anyway, the main thing that cropped up in Nocenti's interview that caught my eye was the following:
"The main thing you'll see with Green Arrow is fun. I want Green Arrow to have fun. I don't want him to be a tortured hero . . . I am not going into Green Arrow's past to find something that will torture him. He's a happy guy. He's going to have fun."
I've said it time and again, it's the entertaining, fun comics that keep me reading and if Ann Nocenti can make me really look forward to reading Green Arrow each month, I'll be more than happy with that.


  1. I'll certainly be trying the book again - I packed in after #2 - once Nocenti shows up. I'm tempted to try the Giffen issues, mind. I love Giffen.

  2. Much as I love Giffen, he's not being given enough time to do anything special with his issues. They're okay, though.


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