Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Sensible 'Aircut

Godiva's made something of an impression in the pages of the new Justice League International book, turning into an interesting character with a nice sense of humour.

Strange, then, to see how she was originally, particularly her wonderful or-fentik Bri'ish di-a-log:

That's right - she's using her hair as a pair of wings.

I'd love to say where that's from, but I'm afraid I pilfered it from this apparently long-dead site which I stumbled across while researching my look back at one of the DCU's lesser-known teams . . .

Tune in every Tuesday for the next few weeks as I re-discover twenty year old comics once more, just because a reader suggested I do so.


  1. It's from Super Friends number seven, where she makes her debut alongside Impala, Owlwoman and The Seraph. I think it was 1977. SF was the longest running title in the DC TV imprint which included Isis and Welcome Back, Kotter. Considered a kiddie book even by late Bronze Age standards,SF also introduced Fire (the Green Fury) and the other characters who would come to be known as Global Guardians by 1982.

    1. Cheers, Dougie - I was thinking the Super Friends but didn't know which issue.

  2. Who knew Brian Azzarello was writing back then ...


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