Tuesday, 10 January 2012

JLI's Mystery Woman Is Back

Sometimes, I miss the obvious and have to have things pointed out to me like the following.

Last week's Justice League International #5 cover by David Finch:

Notice anything different there? Nope, nor me until I read this interview with Dan Jurgens over at The International Exchange.

Take a closer look about Guy Gardner on the right of the cover and you'll see this lady:

Here's what Jurgens said about her:
"The International Exchange: I’ll start with the hard, and obvious, question: Who’s that girl on the far right side of the cover? It doesn’t look like Lady Godiva.
Dan Jurgens: There’s a very good answer for that. 
It’s a mistake. A screw up. 
She shouldn’t be there as she wasn’t yet due to appear in the book. Given  the amount of people who look at these things, I have no idea how it ever made it all the way through to print."
Cast your mind back to the earliest announcements of this series and you may remember something similar happening with the first released image of the new JLI when the same woman appeared on the cover:

My first guess was that she may have been Gypsy but that was before Flashpoint and Alexandra Gianopoulos made her appearance.

I guess we wait and see.


  1. Oh, fascinating, I missed her too. Somewhere, Roy Thomas is rubbing his hands with glee, hoping he'll get to explain this one day.

    How awful, though, to think of giddy Godiva as a mere afterthought, rather than the Strumpet of Choice.

  2. Yeah, Roy's dying words will be "Must... rationalise... continuity..."

    Though hopefully not for some time - don't want to wish the fellow ill or anything.


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