Monday, 2 January 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #1

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, and with DC's New 52 well under way (how long are they keeping that title do you think?) I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see who's made it over to the new DCU, who might make it and who hasn't got an Aegeus's chance.

ABEL - portly keeper of the House of Secrets and late of the Dreaming, I've no idea whether Abel made it through. The number of Vertigo titles I pick up has dropped over the years to approximately none. Not a single one. Anyone seen him around lately?

ABNEGAZAR, RATH & GHAST - really, these should have been listed under Demons Three, don't you think? Can't see these guys coming back any time soon.

ABRA KADABRA - long time (pun intended!) Flash villain it wouldn't surprise me if he came back in some new, updated fashion.

ADAM STRANGE - now here's one I'm pretty certain is going to find his way back to us, either in the pages of DC Universe Presents or Justice League and my bet would be on the latter title. Geoff Johns is an unashamed fan of the silver age and Adam Strange was always popping in to the satellite headquarters before dragging the League off for some adventure or another so it wouldn't surprise me at all to have the bloke turn up before the end of 2012. There you go: my first solid prediction.

AEGEUS - seriously? A Greek terrorist riding Pegasus, flinging thunderbolts at Wonder Woman? Hands up who thinks this guy will ever be seen again.

AIRWAVE - pretty sure we last saw Airwave in the pages of Infinite Crisis where he dissipated in the depths of space never to be heard from again. However, the young lad was the cousin of Hal Jordan (even sharing the same name) and as well all know just how much Geoff Johns loves Hal, I suppose it's not impossible to see him come back somehow.

ALLEY-KAT-ABRA - despite Captain Carrot turning up in Final Crisis for 0.35 seconds, I think the chances of us seeing any of the Zoo-Crew are slim to none unless Grant Morrison slips them into the long talked about but never seen Multiversity.

ALL-STAR SQUADRON - with James Robinson penning a Justice Society book set on Earth-2 there is absolutely no reason why most of these heroes shouldn't reappear in one form or another. Sure, it will likely be a current day JSA book rather than a World War II All-Star Squadron book, but I hope that somewhere along the line Robinson will explore the roots of the Society and the part they played in the War.

AMAZING-MAN - and if the All-Star Squadron gets a look in, then with any luck so will Amazing-Man.

AMAZO - another old foe of the League that seems likely to return, the android with the ability to absorb the powers of the various Leaguers is too good a bad guy to let go to waste. Though a costume change wouldn't be a bad thing.

AMBUSH BUG - oh, if only. I fear, though, that following the wondrous Ambush Bug: Year None series, Keith Giffen has said he's done with the Bug and I simply cannot imagine anyone else writing him. Irwin Schwab, why have you forsaken us? Oh, right - because Giffen won't write you any more. Sorry, kind of answered my own question there.

AMETHYST - did I dream this or is Amethyst going to / has already appeared in the New 52, possibly Justice League Dark? Is she the unlikely first person on this list to make it into the brave new world? I only ask as I'm writing this at the start of December (what, you think I have time to write these every Sunday night? It's called lead time, people) but am sure I've seen something about her appearing soon.

ANGLE MAN - Angelo Bend; don't you just love criminals whose names determine their modus operandi? Would Hannibal Lector have become a cannibal if his name was Kevin? Anyhoo, don't wait up for Mr Bend.

ANIMAL MAN - and we have our first confirmed New 52 character! Animal Man stars in his eponymous title and is doing quite well, apparently. On my trade paperback list, I think.

ANTHRO - another one who appeared in Final Crisis and hasn't been seen since. Oh sure, DC will bring back Western, anthology and horror comics but one starring a caveman? Nope.

So, fifteen entries, one definite prediction (Adam Strange back by the end of 2012), two possibles (Amazo and Amethyst) and one already in place (Animal Man.)

Update - in the interests of honesty, despite saying it was "likely" that Amazo would show up, I forgot to include him in the possibles.


  1. Brilliant idea for a feature, Gary. If Amethyst is in JLD, I missed her ... which is entirely likely. I reckon Amazo will turn up soon, given the text page kinda-sorta-reference in Justice League #4.

  2. Thanks, Martin - wasn't 100% certain this would work but it seems to do okay on a second read.

    And yeah, Amazo looks more likely following the JL #4 mention. Like I said, I wrote this in early December so I'm counting that as a win!


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