Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Charles Soule's Alan Moore's Swamp Thing

Last week's Swamp Thing Annual #2 featured the current version - Alec Holland turned into the Green's Avatar - meeting the classic version as written by Alan Moore - the Green's avatar made to think he was Alec Holland.

It's done nicely, with both an artistic nod to Moore's version as well as the dialogue and there's a last conversation between the current, green, version and Moore's blue which made me wonder if writer Charles Soule was giving Moore's Swamp Thing the opportunity to vocalise Moore's own thoughts and principles:

I might be reading too much into it, but that sounds like Alan Moore's approach to me.


  1. Doesn't it though? Wow. Just a beautifully well-written scene, and from the looks of it, issue as well.

  2. Oh, good spot. I never even realised this was meant to be Moore's Swampy, I can't remember him being blue. Hmm, was that during the space stuff? And if this was 'Moore's' does that mean DC is writing off everything after he left. Obviously, Tefe (who always made me think of textured vegetable protein, appropriately enough) doesn't count, unless we just haven't met her yet.

    1. Yeah, he turned blue after being shot into space and ending up on a blue planet where he made replicas of everything in his life. He turned green again after getting back to Earth, though.

      Don't think we've seen Tefe in the New 52; seems unlikely as well after what's happened to Abby.


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