Sunday, 17 November 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #250

Stargirl's pleased for me reaching 250 Cocktail posts.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #25 - we get a two fold back story issue here with John Stewart's mother telling him as a child of a time when she, as a child, witnessed people in authority doing the wrong thing and how she realised that there were times when you had to stand up for what was right, no matter who that put you up against. The other is Stewart, as a marine, learning to put that lesson into practice.

It's a good enough issue and nice to spotlight John and his early years, but the inclusion of Batman at the end to justify this as a Zero Year crossover with the other Bat books is misleading and unnecessary. Bats doesn't speak and has no interaction with John; John doesn't need any tacit acceptance of Batman's to affirm that he's done the right thing so the latter's appearance is pointless. For an issue looking at John Stewart's pre-Lantern life, this is good; as a Batman event crossover it's rubbish.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #9 - J'onn continues down the mental prison that the rest of the League are held within, followed by Stargirl. While J'onn finds his own prison is populated by someone pretending to be himself, Stargirl's able to get him free of the mysterious villain and out of the prison, only to be confronted by Deathstroke and his merry band of villains.

Not bad on the whole; nice to see Tom Derenick's pencils again and Matt Kindt's able to write a good, solid Martian Manhunter. That said, there is a sense that this is treading water a little.

WORLDS' FINEST #17 - Power Girl gets a lift on a space shuttle to bathe in the sun's rays while Huntress hunts down the tattooed fashion arsonist. When she does, an "out of control" over-powered PG crash lands into the nearby river.

Sigh... I've said before RB Silva's art doesn't really do it for me and coupled with Paul Levitz's lacklustre writing, this issue's not best. I really can't see Huntress referring to the bad guy as a "little bitch" - it just doesn't seem right. As to PG's status... the cover says she's "out of control"; as she crash lands into the river, Huntress thinks she's "totally out of control"; PG's last line of dialogue in the last panel is "O... out of... c... control..."; and right underneath that is "NEXT ISSUE: OUT OF CONTROL!!!"

Okay, okay, we get it. A writer of this standing really should know better.

And what made me smile:

Really not much to choose from, but Huntress's terrible bat and cat tattoo took the prize.

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