Saturday, 23 November 2013

Storm's End

DC have announced that Stormwatch is to end with issue #30 in April and, I have to admit, I'm not surprised about that. What does surprise me is that they're letting it continue till then.

I've said in just about every Cocktail post that mentions the title, I have no idea how Jim Starlin's getting away with what's happening in his crazy-ass little corner of the DCU. First he completely reboots the team, not just shaking up the membership but changing the versions of the established characters. He literally re-writes the history of the whole team, regardless of how this affects other titles and characters such as those featured in Demon Knights. He also appears to have ignored the new version of Lobo that DC introduced a couple of months back, though that might be dealt with over the next six months.

I was thinking of dropping this title anyway but with just a few issues left, I may as well stick around and see what else he does with it.

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