Sunday, 28 July 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #236

Some people just can't get the hint

Back with a round-up of the week's comics after a technologically enforced break, plus I'm writing these snap shots with a hangover.

ALL STAR WESTERN #22 - Hex is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum before managing to escape, taking Jeremiah Arkham with him before they run into a rampaging mob of Mutant Gang members that Hex decides to face off against.

As always, another splendid issue.

AQUAMAN #22 - Aquaman confronts the Dead King in Xebel while Scavenger and his horde attack Atlantis. Mera's freed and asks the Xebel troops for their help in defeating the Dead King but both she and Aquaman are stunned when they bow down and accept his leadership.

Not bad, though I've seldom been as disappointed as I was on the third page; for the first couple of pages, Aquaman looked like he was about to talk through his differences with the Dead King before simply throwing it all away and attacking him. A chance to do something different just snatched away.

THE GREEN TEAM #3 - Commodore, the leader of the team, manages to convince Deathstroke to take on a task for him: find Riot. He does this easily enough, especially after using the Green Team themselves as bait. Once he's done that, he's gone, leaving the Team to discover who's behind the Riot mask - someone they see and recognise but we have to wait for next issue.

Not bad - it's sort of fun and not too serious which is a nice change.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #22 - the various Leagues try to work out how and why Superman killed Dr Light when the Phantom Stranger turns up and warns them that Wonder Woman's heading for Pandora and it's all going to end badly. Wondy and Justice League Dark face off against the other Leagues while the Question frees Superman and informs them that Dr Psycho might be behind things. Elsewhere, the Outsider tells the captive Madame Xanadu that he has a mole in the League.

Not a regular title of mine but picked up because of Trinity War; not bad, on the whole.

LARFLEEZE #2 - Larfleeze and Laord fight, the latter actually overcoming the Orange Lantern and imprisoning him and enslaving Stargrave. Laord establishes himself on a barren planet before planning to take over the universe, forcing Stargrave to try and save Larfleeze. This in turn forces the mysterious Wanderer to make an appearance.

Some nice character moments, snappy dialogue but something's lacking here.

TEEN TITANS #22 - Red Robin faces down Trigon while most of the rest of the Titans are under his control, forcing the demon to head back to hell, releasing the team. Back at the HQ, Raven inadvertently reveals Red Robin's past indiscretions with Wonder Girl and Solstice were part of Trigon attempting to control him which really messes up the team. At the end of the issue, Kid Flash is abducted by someone from the future who's come to make him pay for his crimes.

Not bad, on the whole, though the art's a little ropey in places.

And what made me smile:

Oh, Beast Boy - you may be red in the New 52, but you still make me chuckle.

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