Wednesday, 3 July 2013

DC's Cinematic Universe vs Marvel's

I've mentioned a couple of times - most recently in my review of the Man of Steel film which, by the way, might be the single longest post I've done round here - of the different tone that the Marvel Universe films project compared with the last few DC films. They're entertaining, optimistic and, despite inevitable scenes of jeopardy and even betrayal, they're overwhelmingly fun.

DC, meanwhile, seem to be stuck, particularly with Man of Steel, in the grim and gritty world where even their top hero's suit is dulled down and lacklustre.

While I've tried to get that idea across, Jim McLauchlin over at CBR makes the point in a much more lucid and cogent way:
"Man of Steel" gives us a world in which a father is willing to commit tornado-aided suicide because he fears the worst in humanity. It presents to us a world in which Superman sinks into a sea of skulls. It shows us that, driven by fear, the very essence and personification of bucolic innocence, Smallville, Kansas, can be blasted to holy hell by the U.S. Air Force. 
Conversely, over on the Marvel side of the street, even in a movie that took place in the midst of the horrors of World War II -- "Captain America: The First Avenger" -- Steve Rogers can emerge into a shining and sparkling Times Square. The good guys in "The Avengers" go out for shawarma after saving the world. At the end of "Man of Steel," even after proving his mettle and making indescribable sacrifices, Superman remains an outcast, mistrusted by humanity.
I recommend clicking the link and reading the rest of the article and while you do, perhaps remember that there was a time when the two universes' situations, at least in the comics, were reversed. Even if a Justice League movie were to be made and crossed over with The Avengers, do you think anything like this conversation would happen?

I remember the days when the DCU was a bright and shining example of all the good that could come of superheroes.

I just wish the people making DC films would, too.


  1. Same here, same here. *Sigh*
    Damn entertaining and thought-provoking article there Gary:)

    1. You're obviously referring to the one I linked to, yeah? ;)


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