Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Forever Evil Teasers

Despite yesterday's post claiming I was unwell, I seem to have recovered faster than expected - again, I blame the heat.

Anyway, on to news (of a sort) about DC's upcoming Forever Evil series/event and a series of teaser posters that they've released:

A female Green Lantern . . . of Earth? That would be a nice change and might not be that far-fetched: Hal's currently in charge of the Corps; Kyle's off being a White Lantern; Guy's off being a Red Lantern; leaving John as the only GL of Sector 2814. Does he get a new partner?

The Teen Titans are due to get their behinds kicked in Forever Evil so it's no surprise seeing their shattered logo. However, is that Superman and Catwoman walking over it? Or is that the shadow of a cape at the top of the lady's thighs... is that Ultraman and Superwoman of the Crime Syndicate?! That would be nice.

Nightwing, who barely escaped death in Infinite Crisis, doesn't look to be having much fun here as his logo appears dripping with blood.

Any thoughts?


  1. That female GL poster is interesting. At first I thought, that's Katma Tui, John's old wife.
    But might be jade or someone new.

    Didio's had a hard on to kill of Dick Grayson ever since IC. He might just get his chance now:(

    Love, love that the CSA are back and kicking ass! And since it's not the classic TT's they're going after, let em eat cake I say:)

    Oh and speaking of the CSA and Nightwing, he's the main guy they're going after for some weird reason.

    1. Is it confirmed that the Crime Syndicate are back? I've not read that anywhere but yay me for guessing correctly if they are!

      And yeah, I know Didio's no fan of Nightwing for some weird, unspecified reason.

  2. Yeah it's been confirmed. Go to to get the few details that have actually been released so far.

    1. Ah, right - I don;t read Bleedingcool so would have missed that.

  3. They're usually pretty much on the ball about breaking these far;)

    1. I used to read the site but got sick of them spoiling various comic storylines weeks or months in advance - I like to be surprised rather than know what's coming!


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