Sunday, 21 July 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #235

Not something you get to say everyday

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #22 - Relic gets loose and captures Kyle, using him as a living knowledgebase, pulling all the information he can about the Guardians, the rings, the power batteries, all the while leaving Kyle in a perfectly happy dreamlike state. Anxious to get him free, the new Guardians pull Carol Ferris across the universe so that she can rescue him. Relic isn't really bothered as he knows what he wants now and heads off to Oa.

Not bad on the whole, though the new Guardians are starting to sound a bit like the old ones. And why Carol? Why not one of the other Green Lanterns? Is there going to be a difficult romance brewing?

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #6 - in the aftermath of Superman killing Dr Light, he willingly gives himself up and is taken into custody by Steve Trevor's League. Batman and Wonder Woman differ on the cause of Superman's apparent homicidal breakdown - Bats thinks there's a scientific explanation, Wondy is more inclined towards magic and, specifically, Pandora and her box. To try and find out which is right, Wonder Woman heads off to meet Justice League Dark, leaving Superman to be rescued by the Question.

Again, not bad. Nice to see Doug Mahnke's art again and see the battle between the League's resolved in a sensible way. There's also one shot in the big splash page that snell over at Slay, Monstrobot... had already picked out that just makes a mockery of the recent Man of Steel film. Go here and check it out.

And what made me smile:

Not much to choose from this week, what with only having two comics, but Jason's wide, surprised eyes made me smile a little.

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