Sunday, 28 April 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #224

Power Girl forgets the point where confidence ends and arrogance starts

Sunday comics; as before, if you want to see the full gatefold covers, click on the small cover.

ALL STAR WESTERN #19 - Hex heads West on the trail of a bunch of killers called the Hootkins Gang and runs into the new sheriff of the nearby town who's a man out of time and place but one who's familiar to just about anyone who's picked up a DC comic over the last twenty or thirty years. Hex allows the sheriff to accompany him on his trail of the gang and it seems likely that won't end well. In the Stormwatch back-up, we meet the Master Gunfighter, get his back story and see him recruited by Adam One.

Another splendid issue with both the writing and art being top notch.

FURY MAX #11 - Fury refuses to take Barracuda's bait and instead deploys Hatherly to investigate the obvious distraction while he heads into the jungle to find out just what 'Cuda and his team have been up to. Needless to say, it's atrocity and he's not happy. Elsewhere, Shirley finally realises Pug has been aware of her dalliances with Fury over the years and that she is, to an extent, his financial prisoner.

Ennis continues to give us a hard bitten Nick Fury getting older as the world around him becomes more bitter. Excellent stuff.

FURY OF FIRESTORM #19 - Ronnie tries to save his mother while being attacked by a group of super-villains who seem intent on catching and then selling him to the highest bidder. Jason attempts to get him to use his brain instead of his fists while General Eiling sends someone in to finish the job.

With the New 52 giving DC a licence to do something different with their characters, it's sort of depressing to see Firestorm's old - and somewhat disappointing - rogues gallery come calling. Maybe Jurgens thought as the title was finishing, he had nothing to lose and threw in all the old foes the character had in the old days.

TEEN TITANS #19 - the team expresses their anger at Red Robin for last issue's debacle against the Suicide Squad before they're alerted that Trigon's in the area. They head off and attack him before Raven arrives with a mind-controlled Beast Boy whom she pits against the team. Some national guard turn up but the new Psimon (who's been wandering around for the last couple of issues) kills them, leaving Red Robin to think the Titans will be getting the blame.

It was okay - there was a lot of stuff going on, including glimpses into the background of some characters, but the pacing seemed all over the place.

WORLDS' FINEST #11 - Huntress continues to investigate who's been stealing money from Bruce Wayne as well as who was behind the attack on Power Girl's island base. She, meanwhile, appears at a convention to show off her company's latest inventions when the previously thought missing Mr Terrific turns up in his civilian identity. That's quickly turned on its head, though, when he approaches Power Girl and reveals himself to be Desaad.

A delivery snafu meant I only had this issue this week; while the story's not bad, the varying artists are either horrible (sorry, Ken Lashley) or gorgeous (Barry Kitson) and it makes for a far more disjointed story than the previous Perez/Maguire team. Can we get Barry Kitson on this title permanently, please?

And what made me smile:

Yeah, Booster Gold's the new sheriff; I really shouldn't have bothered being so coy in the write up, should I?

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