Sunday, 21 April 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #223

This is why Sinestro doesn't have many friends.

A paltry three comics this week; as with the last couple, if you want to see the full gatefold covers, click on the images below.

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #19 - Carol finds Kyle still stunned following his battle with the First Lantern and while they attempt to warn the rest of the New Guardians team, it's a bit late for them. However, they do find Sinestro in the ruins of Korugar who tries to first force Kyle to use the white ring to resurrect the planet before trying it himself. When both fail, he grabs his yellow power battery and heads off to face the First Lantern and/or the Guardians.

Not a bad issue but, at the same time, not a great deal happens. I find myself looking forward more to the new creative teams than the end of this long drawn out story arc.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #19 - The Red Hood and Alfred are attacked in the Batcave by a mysterious figure who's able to bypass the security and get hold of the Kryptonite ring Batman keeps. On the Watchtower, new recruits the Atom and Firestorm are convinced the other heroes have forgotten about them. Meanwhile in Khandaq, Superman and Wonder Woman help out in a hostage situation which makes Batman angry and he tells them he knows someone's after Supes. Back on the Watchtower, a very old villain returns wearing the Kryptonite ring.

In the Shazam back-up, Billy gets the wrong end of the stick when he hears Black Adam's origin and lands up in a whole heap of trouble.

Not bad at all; despite the circumstances, Batman isn't a total dick to anyone though he could perhaps have been a little more diplomatic in telling Superman and Wonder Woman he knows they're hooking up.

SWORD OF SORCERY #7 - Amethyst and her mother help Ingvie come to terms with the fact that her mother's dead and she is now the head of the Citrine House. Eclipso attacks the House of Onyx, using his powers of manipulation to take over most of the people before pulling the same trick on the House of Diamond, using both Houses to launch an attack against Amethyst's aunt in the House of Amethyst.

Not bad stuff but again, a sense of wrapping up in preparation for next month's final issue.

And what made me smile:

I don't read any of the Batman titles so I've no idea if this is noteworthy, but it was nice to see Bats showing some compassion and not acting like a dick.


  1. i was absolutely clueless on the whole Red Hood thing up until a few months ago when i ran across some scenes from Batman: Under The Red Hood animated movie. but i was really impressed with what i saw. as for the comic i would say it's one of the more promising titles of the reboot even though i don't pick it up.

    1. I knew Jason was under the Hood but never really understood how he went from murdering bad guy to anti-hero to all round good guy. Not buying the Bat books means I only pick up on things like this when he appears in other books.


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