Sunday, 14 April 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #222

You can't have your cake and eat it, apparently.

Sunday comics - for the gatefold covers, click on the cover image below.

DEMON KNIGHTS #19 - as the Demon Knights manage to convince Vandal Savage not to kill them all, the vampires led by Cain launch their attack against Paradise Island and the Amazons. In Hell, Jason Blood puts up with Lucifer's taunts and tortures until the latter spots Cain's abroad; he seems genuinely frightened by the prospect. The attack goes ahead, the Demon Knights make a sacrifice and, with Etrigan's help, the vampires are defeated.

This was a cracking issue - not only did the vampire story get wound up but the Shining Knight's quest for the Holy Grail gets a kickstart as well. And to think I was worried when Paul Cornell left.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #19 - as the First Lantern prepares to take down the entire GL Corps, he's rudely interrupted by the arrival of Mogo, the recently returned planet sized Lantern. Mogo whips them all away from the clutches of the First Lantern before surreptitiously forcing them to fight constructs of their bad selves, illustrating the fact that they all have the willpower left to take on the First Lantern.

Well, it wasn't bad, but three double page spreads of Lanterns fighting themselves was a little wearing. With a mostly stellar run on the Lantern titles under Geoff Johns' guidance, it seems a shame to end that era with a lacklustre storyline as the First Lantern's turned out to be.

SAUCER COUNTRY #14 - it's election day in the US and as the country goes to the polls, the hunt for the truth about UFOs and aliens continues. Even in the face of an historic victory, though, there's little in the way of concrete answers, just hints about mysteries and questions to come which, unless Cornell and Kelly continue the story elsewhere, won't get answered.

It's been a good story but it obviously needs a continuation - I shall be keeping an eye out for this turning up under a different publisher.

THRESHOLD #4 - Stealth shows a slightly lighter side to herself as Caul and K'rot infiltrate the home of Bleeding Adonis, both looking for the same thing (Caul's power battery) but for different reasons. What they don't realise is that the city sector that includes Adonis' house is about to be appropriated by a bad guy who's passing through and has been given permission to collect the city by Lady Styx. Before they know what's happening, they're all caught up by an old Superman foe.

Splendid stuff as usual both in the main story and the Larfleeze backup.

And what made me smile:

And rudeness is something Vandal Savage has no time for!

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