Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dredd Sequel

As much as people seemed to enjoy the Dredd movie last year, it didn't do anywhere near the business it needed to ensure a sequel which is a darn shame.

Looks like 2000 AD will be picking it up, though, in September so no budget worries there. Yay!


  1. i don't fucken get it! everybody i know who saw this movie (my self included) either liked it a lot or at least thought it was much better then the first one. so why didn't it do better in theaters!? it actually pisses me off i kinda feel like Dredd fans have abandoned the character. i don't buy new comics these days any more but i may have a reason to now.

    1. Like you, just about everyone I know enjoyed the film. Maybe one of the failures was that the character was primarily known in the States because of the Stallone film which, rightly so, is remembered with contempt. Maybe that put people off going to see it?

      I don't think Dredd fans abandoned the character - I'm just not sure there were that many of them in the US which is where it failed to make an impact and/or any money.


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