Friday, 30 December 2011

What Brought You Here In 2011?

Every now and then I have a look at the keyword searches that brought people to this little corner of the comics blogosphere and, as a sort of end of year post, I figured I'd look at the biggest searches throughout the year . . . and some of the oddest.

Top of the list? The name of this blog:

Come on, people - while I'm really glad you're coming over here, just bookmark the damn thing!

Then there was that bloody picture that consistently skewed my stats every time Roy bloody Lichtenstein appeared in the news. You know, the one on the left there that I have deliberately not mentioned by name in this post and have even gone so far as to re-upload, calling it something else this time round so that people looking for work by that bloke who copied and "transformed" other artists' work won't come across this blog.

Sorry, bit of a rant there.

Anyhoo, it's not all doom and gloom that people come here for as a large number of searches - often, but not always, including Wonder Woman - were looking for dear old Power Girl:

Seriously - the amount of "Power Girl vs Wonder Woman" or "Wonder Woman vs Power Girl" searches that ended up here is kinda worrying.

For someone who's not a huge Batman fan, I found it perplexing that so many came here looking for "Damian Wayne" but I guess that was balanced by those looking for "Blackest Night annotations" (you're welcome, by the way), the Secret Six or Ambush Bug all of which, like Power Girl, I'm a fan of.

Of course, there were the odd searches as well like the recurring attempts to find "eunuchs" on this blog which, like the very specific "shot in the balls" search would invariably end up at one of the old Friday Night Fight featuring this picture:

And with Steve Jobs dying a few months back, I can only imagine that my site wasn't the only one to inadvertently attract some traffic from people who perhaps weren't crying into their Mac books as they were searching for "idead" which, here at CoEP at least led them to this:

Seriously, in 2012 I'm going to be extra careful how I name my pictures and posts.

Then there's the ultra-specific searches with phrases such as the vengeance fuelled "batman killing the joker", the ever popular "captain marvel beating superman" and the frankly baffling "atrocitus killing congressmen" all of which have brought some people here.

Still, I'm glad to see that the picture of Superman in a sombrero still has a fair bit of appeal as well:

See you next year.


  1. for me it was just random how i found your blog. i suspect it was some kind of Suicide Squad related search. those Punisher panels with that guys eyes falling out of their sockets are gross!

  2. Don't really mind how you found this place, Dave - you keep coming back and that's the main thing!

    Have a good New Year, my friend.

  3. like most people these days i'll settle for a year that's at least a little better then 2011 was. a "good year" is probably a bit too much to wish for. but thanks Gary it's the thought that counts. I'LL BE BACK.

  4. I either found you through another blog, or some random Crisis search.

    Bookmarked you and check your blog out at least once a week, whether or not I comment...I am always around.

    Bwaahahahahahaha!!! Whoop!

  5. "some random Crisis search" Dave? It wasn't you looking for eunuchs was it? Either way, thanks for popping by and a good New Year to you to.

  6. Actually, it may have been some article about the coming eunuch crisis.


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