Monday, 26 December 2011

Monday Memes #52

There really was no question of what I was picking for this last Monday Meme:

Merry Christmas everybody!

So that's it - 52 Monday Memes, one a week throughout the year. I hope you've enjoyed them!

Call in next Monday for the start of a new weekly series of posts called Who Was Who Is Who where I try and guess who's going to turn up in the new DCU by the end of next year.


  1. Love the Top Ten cover. Loved that series.

  2. I'm with Dave!

    Brilliant covers, my favourite being the JSA one, which I don't recall at all - was it a variant?

  3. Dave - Top Ten was an absolute gem of a series. Did you read either Smax or the Forty Niners?

    Martin - far as I know, that JSA cover is the standard one. I love the little kid's comment!

    Hope you both had a good Christmas.

  4. I have a few issues of Smax...not sure why I stopped getting it. Probably finances at the time.

    The 49ers was also very good from what I remember when I read it.

    The original 12 issues though are what stick with me in my memory.


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