Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Perusing Previews - December 2011

Seriously? There are nine of these films now? The first one was a good, low-budget horror movie, the second a nice follow up, the third was okay, the fourth had some nice ideas ruined by the studio but nine? Can we stop them now, please?

Even thought I'm getting Jennifer Blood I included this because of the line in the solicitation: "Seriously, we can still call the comic 'Jennifer Blood' if she's dead. Google 'Taggart'." I love the idea of someone in the Dynamite office knowing about Taggart!

I saw this and instantly thought of this.

Lego Star Wars alarm clocks! Genius!

A Haynes manual for the Falcon! Even more geniusnessness!

I'm just imagining the conversation around these . . .
"So we've got fifty two new titles and we want to produce some magnets, yeah?"
"And these are the samples, right? They're good, I like them, most of the major characters are featured. Not sure why you went with Catwoman instead of Green Lantern - " 
"Boobs, mostly." 
"Right, right, boobs, of course. So when will the other forty two be arriving?"
"Other forty two?" 
"Yeah, you've got ten titles and a group shot so the others to make it up to fifty two? When will they be here?" 
"Ah. Right. Ummmm . . . " 
"You haven't stopped with these, have you?" 
"Ummmm . . . " 
"We've been splashing the 'New 52' logo around everywhere, we have fifty two new series, fifty new number ones, hell we even stopped Action getting to #1000, and you produce eleven magnets?!" 
"Ummmm . . . boobs?"
I bet it was exactly like that.

I'm all for subtle T-shirts and if that just had the alliance logo, I'd buy it.

I get sexy. I get zombies. Sexy zombies? Don't get it.

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