Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Very Alan Moore Christmas

I hope Santa brought you what you asked for rather than what you deserved. I had a bunch of graphic novels from my lovely wife including some collections that I've been meaning to pick up for years:

The first of the Tom Strong trades and the two Tomorrow Stories collections. When America's Best Comics first came out, I pretty much stuck with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as there's only so much money to go round. Since then, it's always been in the back of my mind to pick these up.

Talking of Mr Moore's work, I checked my news feeds the other day and Bleeding Cool have revealed the first character work for the forthcoming Watchmen prequels . . . which I had posted below but have removed since Bleeding Cool had a letter from DC . . . and I really don't want to piss off the lawyers.

I still want this to be a complete hoax but it's looking a little more likely that DC are going to go ahead and do it. That Bleeding Cool gets the scoop on this just adds to the bad taste it leaves in my mouth.

And yet, perhaps, sometimes things should be allowed to end.


  1. BC also got a cease and desist memo for these pics and had to remove them.

    I'm torn on this whole thing. I do agree that it should be left alone...but, if they are doing something with it...and D.Cooke is involved...It might not be terrible in and of itself.

  2. I'm not fussed in the least. I enjoyed Watchmen as it came out but never felt it was so great as to be sacrosanct. If sequels come we can add them to our personal canon or not.

  3. Dave - thanks for the heads up; I don't read Bleeding Cool any more so wasn't aware DC had slapped their wrists.

    At the moment, I'm firmly in the camp of not buying them. I'd rather the talent involved do something new: create new characters, play in the Multiverse, do something original.

    Blackest Night, arguably, came from a few lines of dialogue from an Alan Moore short story; the germ of an idea was turned into a storming great story. I've no problem with taking something small and making something bigger out of it.

    Watchmen, though, is a fully realised entity in and of itself which doesn't need to be expanded upon. None of the prequels (I'm going to guess) will add anything more to the characters apart from ham-fisted predestination nods to the audience as if we're all sharing the joke because we know what's going to happen. The Comedian or Nite-Owl will say/do something that will foreshadow their fate/events in Watchmen and readers will pat themselves on the back for noticing the reference without realising that it won't add anything to the original story.

    Making something smaller from something that's grown so large in the comic readers' world seems utterly pointless.

  4. But hey yeah the lovely wife and the lovely presents !

  5. Oh yeah - I have the best. Wife. Ever.

  6. Alan Moore...Ah yes. I was going to write a little rant about him, but have decided against it. I will just say this...he is a talented writer that needs to shut up, and just do what he wants to do.

  7. Yeah, Moore can tend to polarise people. I love his writing by and large and can't help but admire him for sticking to his principles.

    Whether I agree with all those principles is another matter, though. Some I do, some I think he's cutting his nose off to spite his face.


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