Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday Memes #49

When looking for Face Off covers, I knew I had to include this one from the Justice League of America if only for the sight of an elephant wielding a mace against Wonder Woman not to mention a giraffe lunging a spear at Hal Jordan.

A spear held in its mouth.

Gerry Conway in the 70's everybody.

And look - this cover of Suicide Squad actually uses the term Face Off! Me and John Ostrander, man, we're totally, like, on the same wavelength, you know?


  1. That Boys cover looks to be a dead on X-Men #100 homage, very nice. But that All-Star Squadron cover? Edible.

  2. i know i'm kinda biased here but i vote on the Suicide Squad issue :) although the middle finger thing on The Boys cover is pretty awesome too.


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