Friday, 6 May 2011

All Change For Power Girl (70's Redux)

Wow, was it over a year ago I used the post title All Change For Power Girl to wonder who was taking over from Palmiotti/Gray and Conner? Anyhow, that's got nothing to do with this post.

A couple of days ago I ran through some of the late 70's comics I own including this one:

I've read that story plenty of times but it was only when putting together that post that I noticed something.

Here's page 1 of Justice League of America #172:

As you can see, Power Girl's over on the right hand side looking at the covered body of Mr Terrific.

Here's page 2:

Spot the difference? Power Girl's arms are bare on the second page!

Here's page 7:

and her white sleeves are back.

Jump to page 17, though . . .

and she's gone bare-armed again.

Colourist Jerry Serpe was obviously having a bad day in 1979!

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