Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Branding Issue

This is Kobra:

Whether under the original leader Jeffrey Burr or his murdered and ressurected twin brother Jason, the Kobra Cult has killed thousands of people. Ruthless terrorists, they will stop at nothing to bring about the Kali Yuga, the Age of Chaos

There is nothing redeemable about this group.

Except maybe their logo which is the cutest thing I've ever seen from an internationally feared group of cultists:

Isn't that just lovely? The rounded, child-friendly letters, the happy snake's head, the little curve of the A forming a tail . . . how could any organisation with that logo really be all that bad?

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  1. my first introduction with Kobra was through a bunch of the early issues i used to pick up from the 3 for $1 bins back in the late 80s. Kobra is pretty bad ass i've really enjoyed reading about the Kobra cult in the pages of the Outsiders, Suicide Squad and Checkmate. Amanda Waller doesn't much care for them despite their cute logo:


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