Sunday, 22 May 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #130

The Spectre gets all snitty with Zatanna

It's Sunday afternoon and, though I'm actually in London at the moment enjoying a weekend away with my wife, Rip Hunter lent me his time sphere so I can post this *
  • BOOSTER GOLD #44 - Dan Jurgens is back, guiding Booster into the world of Flashpoint including a quick run down of Booster's origins while at the same time giving us a glimpse of the weird new world all of which ends with the appearance of Doomsday. Jurgens has fun within the restrictions he has to work in but this issue is still much more of a meet-and-greet set up for the Flashpoint crossover than anything out of the ordinary.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #57 - and once again, James Robinson's writing picks back up, giving us another good, solid issue. Obsidian turns out not to be a bad guy (which is always good) and Eclipso's method of summoning the Spectre is novel whom he wonderfully cleaves in two. The JLA (along with Alan Scott who is wonderfully in his original costume, not that god-awful white and green affair) form a plan and launch an attack, just as Eclipso breaks the moon in half! If only every issue was as good as this. One question, though - have I missed something or is Crispus Allen no longer the Spectre's host? If he is, where's the goatee?!
  • POWER GIRL #24 - sigh . . . it had to happen, didn't it? Winick couldn't carry on his surprisingly good run on this title with another fun and entertaining issue, could he? No, he had to get all worthy and tell an important tale of how bad American military types jump to conclusions and innocent Arab-Americans pay the price, while the white superheroes take the credit and carry on blindly. I don't object so much to having comics having messages, it's just that Winick's ham-fisted way of cramming something into every series he writes lacks subtlety and comes across as preaching. Just as I was starting to enjoy his work on this title, he serves up this pile of nonsense. DC, can we please get Matthew Sturges to write this book full time?
  • TEEN TITANS #95 - more Titans fight against the demons, end up getting captured and turned into a giant, multi-headed rock monster walking chair for a god. Or something. It's not bad (and anything's better than Felicia Henderson's run on the book) but it's just not that engaging, either.
  • ZATANNA #13 - whereas this is yet another splendid issue of good fun! Zatanna meets up with the Spectre (which again leaves me wondering where his goatee's gone) while Brother Night escapes, setting himself up in his old HQ. If I'm honest, the return of Brother Night is a little too soon for my liking; let's get some more villains for Zatanna before returning to this guy. That being said, this is still another good issue, including the reveal at the end.
And what made me smile:

I just love the Spectre's pause in that last panel!

* Okay, it's nothing to do with time travel and all to do with scheduling posts.

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