Sunday, 15 May 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #129

I guess Captain Thunder isn't talking about the David Kelley pilot
Here be Flashpoint #1 spoilers, people so continue reading at your own risk . . .

It's Sunday - let's have a look at some comics, shall we?

  • FLASHPOINT #1 - DC's big summer event finally lands and, with no surprise, there's weird stuff happening. Barry Allen's Flash is Flash no more and is adrift in a world he doesn't recognise; sure he has his mother back but he's lost his wife. Meanwhile Cyborg attempts to recruit Batman and a host of other heroes, some familiar, some not, to sort out the European problem of Aquaman and Wonder Woman. We get a brief Who's Who of most of these new heroes and I've no doubt we'll be seeing more of them again as the series goes on. And then there's the big reveal on the last page that shows Barry he's really not in Kansas any more. As first issues go, it's a good scene setter, establishing enough of this different world to catch your interest and leave you wanting more.
  • PUNISHERMAX #13 - Frank Castle's life following his return from Vietnam is wonderfully mirrored with his time in prison, showing how trapped he felt following the war. With his wife's suggestion of going out to the park the next weekend, we seem very close to when Castle started being the Punisher as we know him, but the last page gives the indication of the involvement of one Nick Fury in matters. Another excellent issue - I really do recommend this series.
  • THE STAND: NO MAN'S LAND #4 - here we come to the turning point as Harold Lauder and Nadine blow up the Free Zone Committee and Mother Abigail returns from the wilderness. Still a damn fine adaptation.
And what made me smile? Honestly, there wasn't much to choose from this week as most everything was a bit grim but the last page of Flashpoint #1 did raise a grin:

Like I said, it's a different world.


  1. The best thing about the alternate-universe story is that there is so much the reader can find interesting. Also the "theme" is very different from the previous DC events. Compare to Fear Itself, which appears to be yet another Marvel crossover.

  2. Totally agree about alternate universes, Keith; they let the writer play around with different ideas without being tied down to continuity. I've got another post coming this Wednesday which looks at a few things in Flashpoint #1 that caught my eye.


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