Sunday, 8 May 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #128

Deadshot espouses his own particular outlook

Right then, it's Sunday afternoon - let's have a look at some comics, shall we?

  • THE BOYS #54 - Hughie learns how the first iteration of the Boys got its start. Oh, and the Legend had a child with Queen Maeve?! Did I miss something or is that the first we've heard of this?
  • DOOM PATROL #22 - and here's the first of the titles I get to bite the dust in the run up to Flashpoint. I'm glad this series got as far as it did as it has been everything that the Doom Patrol should be - by turns weird but funny, touching and horrific. Here's to Keith Giffen's next project, whatever it may be. (I heard there's a new Justice League International title coming up soon . . . )
  • FREEDOM FIGHTERS #9 - and here's the second. Consistently good and not afraid to show both sides of the American political coin, Freedom Fighters deserved to last longer than this. My only hope is that the cliffhanger ending will lead into a follow-up, whether another ongoing or a mini-series to tie up the loose ends.
  • JENNIFER BLOOD #3 - suburban housewife come vengeful killer Jennifer Blood strikes again in another cracking tale hidden behind a sadly exploitative cover. I know sex sells, guys, but come on.
  • JSA ALL-STARS #18 - and here's the third title being cancelled this week. It's a fine end to what's been a good series and I'll be picking up whatever Matthew Sturges puts out next. Where the All-Stars end up next (are they all going to fit in the pages of Justice Society of America?) is anyone's guess.
  • SECRET SIX #33 - poor old Scandal. On the one hand she gets what she went to Hell for with her friends' help. On the other, though, she's going to lose something else. A harsh choice in another superb issue of a series which, thankfully, isn't being cancelled!
And what made me smile was several things, fittingly enough from each of the cancelled series so they get to share the Cocktail this week:

Black Condor makes some meth addicts show some respect for Phantom Lady just with a stare.

I think that guy's right - the JSA need bigger and better villains.

Ambush Bug saves the day! Not only is this funny but it works both within the confines of the weirdness of the Doom Patrol and the Bug's own history and his awareness of being a comic character. Damn, I'm going to miss him.

Oh, and I seem to have a similar taste in funnies to Martin over at Too Dangerous For A Girl!


  1. Aw, too bad about Doom Patrol. At least Irwin got a bit of face time.

  2. Yeah, like I said I'm gonna miss both the title and that little guy.

    Hmmm, Ambush Bug for the JLI anyone?


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