Sunday, 14 March 2010

All Change For Power Girl

Cover to Power Girl #10
Regular readers know that Power Girl is easily one of my favourite comic books right now - it's consistently fun to read, has excellent dialogue and (this almost goes without saying) the art by Amanda Conner is simply stunning.

So it's a little disappointing to read here that the creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Conner are leaving after issue #12. From the article, Palmiotti says:
"...Amanda always said she could just commit to the book for a year, and as we got into the series we realized that we just couldn't do the same type of book with another artist at this point and decided it was a good idea to leave with her and give another team a shot."
As the three creators have produced such a good book together it's understandable that if one is leaving the others wouldn't want to carry on with someone else. I've had a quick scan through the forums over at CBR and the main reaction seems to be "Well if they're not writing/drawing the book, I'm dropping it."

I'm disappointed in the creative team change - like I said, I really enjoy Power Girl - but I'll certainly stick with the title following the change, if only to see what the new team (whoever they are) do with Power Girl, her supporting characters and all the rest. Hell, if I can stick with Green Arrow/Black Canary through Kreisberg's run just because I like the characters, I can do it with this title. Again from the article:

The fan favorite writer also added that he hopes readers will stick with the book because the new creative [team] provides lots of "bang for your buck."
"They are a brilliant choice and my only suggestion to them is to keep it all fun."
I know it can be something of a company line to take, welcoming on a new team and saying they're great, but if Palmiotti is giving them the okay then that's got to be an encouragement.

Speculation on the forums about who's taking over is rife: Gail Simone (who's just left Wonder Woman) has been touted as a possible and even Giffen & DeMatteis (which would be great but unlikely) but I guess we wait and see.

Whatever, my thanks for the last few issues to the team and all the best for their future projects.

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