Saturday, 20 March 2010

New Power Girl Creative Team Announced

Cover to Power Girl #13
And, for me at least, it's not good news.

Over at the DCU blog, the new creative team for Power Girl has been released - art wise, the new artist Sami Basri (whose cover for issue #13 is on the right) looks promising. It's nice and clean although they've gone for the classic costume rather than the latest Amanda Conner design but hey, it's not terrible.

Writing wise . . . well, there's where I kinda got dismayed. Replacing the fun and witty Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Grey is Judd Winick.




I'm not a fan and nor are many of the commenters over at the original post linked above. The very first comment simply reads "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo...." a sentiment I can heartily get behind.

I'm not a fan of his work on Green Lantern or Green Arrow - though I stuck out both runs because of the characters - and the Trials of Shazam left me cold. I'm just waiting for Power Girl's supporting characters to become relevant . . . we'll discover Terra is gay or PG's cat is HIV or Dr Mid-Nite's blindness is cause by global warming or something. I've nothing against serious fiction dealing with real issues but not in the pages of Power Girl, thank you very much.

Winick, of course, is also writing the up-coming Justice League: Generation Lost so of course he'll be tying Power Girl into that . . . which makes me wonder if this is the only reason he's managed to get this damn writing gig.

Damn it all . . .

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