Sunday, 25 July 2010

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #91

Hawk gets some dietary advice.

  • BATTLEFIELDS #8 - Anna gets promoted and her mild flirtation with Golocyachev comes to an end. Oh, and she's carrying on a conversation with her dead friend. Out loud.
  • BRIGHTEST DAY #6 - The two Firestorms seem to be in trouble as they finally realise someone else in in the Matrix; Mera admits she was an assassin sent to kill Aquaman; and Martian Manhunter discovers something terrible in the Australian outback.
  • THE DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER - THE JOURNEY BEGINS #3 - we see Roland deal with the death of his friend (and traitor) Hax the cook.
  • DCU LEGACIES #3 - ah, the Silver Age begins! There's a wonderful page where Wein and co. just how mental the stories were back in the old days, and I don't doubt that they're referencing actual tales. It was nice to see John Jones wandering around as well, being a detective, along with the formation of the Justice League of America. Really enjoying this series.
  • JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #41 - heroes and villains going crazy because of the Starheart takes up the majority of this issue, with page after page of fighting. The actual story only kicks into gear in the last few pages which seems a bit of a waste. Still, nice to see Mr. Miracle back again.
  • NEONOMICON #1 - Cthulhu mythos stories written by Alan Moore; I'm not sure it gets any better than this! Really liked The Courtyard from a few years ago and this follow on promises much.
  • POWER GIRL #14 - oh my . . . this used to be such a fun title, now it's all "My life's ruined!" amidst fight scenes. Still, the artwork's nice.
  • TIME MASTERS: VANISHING POINT #1 - Dan Jurgens writing Superman again, with Booster Gold thrown in for good measure, along with Goldstar. Six issues which, I suspect, will be gone all too soon, but it's off to a good start.
  • ZATANNA #3 - I'll admit to being a little surprised that the first story arc wrapped up here; I figured six issues minimum. Very well done, though, and so nice that Zatanna didn't have to fight her father; that was resolved with a good deal of care and affection. All round top story!
And what made me smile:

Superman using dialogue from Superman The Movie! Nice touch!

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