Friday, 9 July 2010

Avengers Assemble Assault!

Spacebooger states that I cannot use any of my previous combatants - that's the rule of Minimum Clonage. Not a problem for me this week as I venture somewhere that I don't often go: the Marvel Universe!

That's Spider-Woman talking to the Wrecker . . . that's right, talking! Not fighting! Surely something's wrong here?!

Does the phrase "lull into a false sense of security" ring any bells, people?

Wolverine jumps in, allowing Spider-Woman to grab the Wrecker's crowbar and . . .

. . . oh, that's gotta hurt! But wait, now Luke Cage has the crowbar. This can't be good for the Wrecker . . .

And with a final FTANG the Wrecker's down!

Remember, people, crowbars should only be wielded by professionals like Luke Cage and Spacebooger. Head over there, check out the other fights and vote for your favourite.

This marvellous mis-direction first appeared in The New Avengers #8 cover dated August 2005, written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Steve McNiven and Mark Morales though the scans come from The New Avengers: Sentry trade paperback.

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