Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday Night Fights - Gold Vs Red And Blue

Here we are again, with Minimum Clonage where the fighters can't use the main combatant from any previous round we've staged. I say main combatant because while I used Superman against the Hulk a few weeks ago, here he's the loser of a fight against a perhaps surprising victor:

Yep, that's Booster Gold pounding seven shades of snot out of Supes there!

Booster proves once and for all he's the main man in Metropolis!

Man, that can't be good for Superman's image, being defeated so resoundingly by Booster Gold!

Okay, not the real Booster . . . turns out that was an imposter all along but for the purposes of tonight's fight, it's good enough for me - let's hope Spacebooger agrees!

As always, head over to Spacebooger, check out the other fights and vote for your favourite.

This super beat-down first appeared in Action Comics #594 cover dated November 1987, written and pencilled by John Byrne with inks by Keith Williams, and the scans are taken from Showcase Presents: Booster Gold.

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