Sunday, 18 July 2010

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #90

The new Rocket Red gets into the spirit of the JLI

  • BOOSTER GOLD #34 - this may be the first time I've looked at Giffen's artwork and just thought "Ugh!" Still, the issue as a whole was great with Giffen and DeMatteis teaming up Booster and Blue Beetle once more, just like it was back in the good old days. Mr Miracle and Barda were welcome guest stars - they're sadly missed after the whole Death of The New Gods things and it was great to see them back. This book is easily top of the list right now.
  • THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #35 - I think this might be the first issue of this title that I've really enjoyed since Straczynski took over. Don't get me wrong, his earlier issues have been good, but with my fondness for weird and wacky stories, this stands out.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #5 - things get a bit serious as the reformed in all but name Justice League International agree to stick together and take on Max Lord. One very slight gripe: I know it's an artistic device but that last panel when they're all standing and looking out at the reader with grim expressions, having decided to get Max Lord . . . why aren't they stood around facing each other?!
  • MAGOG #11 - sadly Scott Kolins's run on this title is being cut short as it's only got a couple of issues to run so it feels a little like marking time. I just wonder if James Robinson knows someone's going to make a mess of Opal City.
And what made me laugh:

The fourth wall gets broken, Dan Didio is confirmed as a character in the DCU just like Grant Morrison and John Ostrander, and the Inferior Five return to mainstream continuity!

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