Friday, 30 July 2010

The Source Of Hyperbole

I was just catching up on the comic blogs I read and, as usual, came across things from the DC Comics blog, The Source.

Obviously it's DC's own blog so it pushes the company's comics as much as possible.  It usually has a good line on news, previews and artwork as well and, generally speaking, it's a good read.  Then today, I came across this post about Justice League: Generation Lost #6 and found myself wondering if I'd read a variant issue yesterday.

"JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #6 is such a game-changer for the series, is just SO BIG a revelation that by telling you ANYTHING at all would blow EVERYTHING for you. I mean, it’s HUGE!"

Really? Is it?  We have a brief recap of Captain Atom's origin and he reveals that, a couple of issues ago, he was shunted into the year 2351 where there are no more heroes, the moon's badly broken and a lot closer to Earth than it should be.

"I certainly can’t tell you anything about a cameo by a DC heavyweight that will absolutely shock you to the core."

A "DC heavyweight" cameos? I don't know whether to laugh or cheer - as much as I like Power Girl, is she really a DC heavyweight? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for more Power Girl but wasn't exactly shocked "to the core."

"And writer Judd Winick would absolutely KILL ME if I revealed that when Captain Atom demands to know—"

The big reveal? Telegraphed pretty much from page 1 and no surprise at all.

I like The Source but this post was just nonsense.

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