Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday Night Fights - I Didn't Touch Her!

Friday Night Fights - where the bad guys win this time round. That's what Spacebooger demands, so that's what Spacebooger gets!

Softened up by a burst of light that leaves her "dazed and dazzled" Wonder Woman's in no state to deal with a giant playing card smacking into her!

Oh, but she's good! She can't see it, but she can still scruunch! it in two! And who's that leaping off the card?

Ah, the King of Spades of the Royal Flush Gang, the perennial Justice League bad guys!

But what's this? Without even laying a hand on her, the King has forced her to her knees! "It's what makes a king a king!"

And with a smack on the head with the flat of his sword, it's all over!

Remember to head over to Spacebooger and use the new poll system to vote for your favourite fight.

This damsel in distress was originally shown in Justice League of America #203, cover dated June 1982, written by Gerry Conway with art by Don Heck and Romeo Tanghal.

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