Friday, 1 January 2010

Friday Night Fights - Economy Of Effort

Friday Night Fights return with a villainous slant this time round - Spacebooger, in his infinite wisdom, has decreed that the bad guys must win each battle!

Back before 52 and Countdown, before the Multiverse was reborn, Earth-8 didn't exist as a separate universe, it was only another dimension (because, you know, that makes all the difference) where bad things had happened. With the world torn apart by a nuclear holocaust that they had caused, the Extremists came to our world in order to conquer it.

Who could stand up to them? Why, Justice League Europe of course!

That's Power Girl landing feet first into the face of Dr. Diehard as Captain Atom streaks towards the Extremists' leader, Lord Havok.

Crimson Fox takes on Tracer; Elongated Man tangles with Gorgon; but the resident Extremist spellcaster, Dreamslayer, has no interest in "fisticuffs" with the Flash, oh no . . .

No, he has a simpler, more straightforward way of bringing this fight to a close.

With one skeleton revealing blast, Dreamslayer takes out the entire JLE. With the enemy down, Lord Havok rallies his troops and sets off toward world domination leaving the League a little worse for wear . . .

How will the League recover from this crushing defeat? Only Spacebooger knows!

Head over to Spacebooger before 11pm (EST) on Sunday and check out the other fights that are linked, then vote for your favourite.

This villainous victory first appeared in Justice League Europe #16, cover dated July 1990, written by Keith Giffen and Gerard Jones with art by Bart Sears and Randy Elliott.

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