Sunday, 11 August 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #237

Haven't we all?

After last week's dearth, here's a bunch of mini write ups:

EARTH 2 #15 - the war against Steppenwolf's forces doesn't go well for the superheroes of Earth 2 who end up getting their arses kicked all over the place. Elsewhere, Hawkgirl's still on the trail of Sam Zhao's murderer and ends up in a spot of bother herself. And in Gotham, amidst the dinosaurs, Mr Miracle and his attempted captor, Fury, come face to face with Red Tornado.

Another splendid issue; only one more (I think) to go with Robinson at the helm.

FATALE #16 - Josephine becomes the muse to the drug addled Seattle grunge band members while the serial killer who's been looking for her all his life starts to close in on her whereabouts.

This really is a great series and I know my one or two lines per issue don't do it anywhere near the justice it deserves. Trust me, though - go track it down.

GREEN LANTERN #23 - Jordan, newly appointed leader of the Corps, does what he does best: ignore authority (even when he is the authority) and head off on his own. In this instance, he's tracking the escapee from the sciencells, the newly made Star Sapphire Nol-Anj. Once he finds her, she taunts him with visions of Carol hanging out with Kyle as they fight Relic, which sends him heading off to find her, leaving Nol-Anj and her tribe behind.

This isn't bad at all, to be honest, though Jordan is still a complete idiot when it comes to being in charge of anything.

THE MOVEMENT #4 - the attack on the precinct house goes ahead, interspersed with glimpses of the characters' origins, as the team try to rescue Katharsis who's been held in the basement of the precinct. There's a nice bit of misdirection regarding the team's traitor although that's clumsily followed by a scene where the traitor is told by Virtue that they're the only one she can trust.

Again, not bad, but each time the solicitations come out, I can't help wonder how much longer this title has.

THE PHANTOM STRANGER #11 - the Stranger takes Batman, Deadman and Katana to the afterlife to try and find the spirit of Dr Light so that Batman can attempt to find out what happened when Superman killed Light. Trouble is, the last time he was in the afterlife, Zauriel warned him against returning; the angel shows up and obliterates the Stranger.

Despite the needs of the Trinity War tie-in, this is still a good issue.

STORMWATCH #23 - the team take down a bunch of random aliens before Storm Control informs them of the timeline that came before which featured the previous team and then meets and greets the new member, X.

M'eh. The pacing's off, the Kollective's logic in deciding not to simply wipe the timeline again doesn't hold up, and there's a conversation between Storm Control and the Shadow Lord that looks like it's missing a good chunk of dialogue.

SWAMP THING #23 - Constantine, driven mad b the whisky from the tree, tries to set himself up as emperor of Britain before Swamp Thing works out a way to get past his spell and reconnect with the green, stop Constantine's plan and return to the swamp.

The writing's good but I'm not a big fan of the art team at the moment.

TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA #2 - Pandora hunts down Vandal Savage in order to get him to try and open it; last issue she tried Superman as the good guy, now she's trying the baddest of the bad guys but that still doesn't work. While she heads off wondering what to do, agents of SHADE and ARGUS team up to track her down.

Surprisingly enjoyable, I have to admit.

And what made me smile:

Batman likes the crazy ideas.


  1. Canny reviews, especially interested to hear how The Movement is getting on.

    1. It's not bad, like I say; trouble is, it's four issues in and there's practically no ties to the main DCU. A couple of bit-part characters from earlier Simone stories but that's about it.

      Unless a major guest star is dropped in soon to boost visibility, I don't expect it to last much past eight issues.

      Not that it needs a guest star from the point of view of storyline: it's doing okay on that front, but sales-wise it might benefit from Batgirl or someone dropping in.


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