Wednesday, 14 August 2013

DC's November Solicitations

With the world under the rule of the mysterious and deadly Crime Syndicate and our greatest heroes dead, it’s up to the unlikeliest of defenders to rise up to save us—humanity’s only hope—Lex Luthor?!
So looks like my guess of the Crime Syndicate's involvement in Forever Evil was right.

FOREVER EVIL continues as the Crime Syndicate hunts down the few heroes left foolish enough to challenge them—including Batman’s protege, Dick Grayson. But Owlman has other plans for Nightwing
I've read rumours somewhere that Nightwing's going to turn to the dark side; is Dan Didio making do with killing Nightwing's reputation if he can't kill his body?

A villain from the early days of The New 52 has taken over Belle Reve, and he’s formed the Reverse Suicide Squad! But who—or what—is the Reverse Suicide Squad? Harley Quinn is about to learn the hard way that Power Girl is one of its members
A Reverse Suicide Squad with Power Girl as a member? All credit for Matt Kindt using PG but . . . really? And man, I really don't like the art on the cover.

Power Girl tries to restore her powers to full strength with the super hero equivalent of sunbathing…in space
Seriously, Mr Levitz? Sunbathing in space? That's the best solicitation copy you can come up with?


  1. Replies
    1. Okay, no-one likes a know it all!

  2. I think this might be their chance to build Nightwing up as a leader in the new 52. I'm still hopeful.

    Yeah I don't care for that cover either and I pretty much stopped paying attention to Worlds' Finest.

    1. The latest issue of Worlds' Finest (#15) looked gorgeous but the writing... I've cut Paul Levitz some slack on this series but something needs to change for the better to prevent cancellation.


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