Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Perusing Previews - August 2013

Oh sure, DC will bring their animated universe in line with the New 52 with the release of the Flashpoint Paradox but when it comes to coffee mugs, they're firmly stuck in the 70's.

Not saying that's a bad thing...

Someone please tell me that the owners of the grumpy cat are getting payment for this; I don't want to read of their children taking the makers to court in about thirty years time, claiming their parents didn't know what they were signing.

Wait a second - Judge Dredd met up with Rogue Trooper?! How the heck does that happen?

Thank you, Previews - I have now pre-ordered this.

The firing of Kevin Maguire from Justice League 3000 really disappointed me and I find myself thinking should I try something other than DC? I like Charles Soule's work on Swamp Thing so I might give this a go.

Similarly this by Kelly Sue DeConnick whose writing I liked on the recent Ghost miniseries; it's billed as a dash of Sandman and Preacher so I'm interested.

And then lastly there's this - helped along by a preview at the end of the latest issue of Fatale (also written by Brubaker) I find myself tempted away from superheroes by three Image series.

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