Thursday, 9 May 2013

WTF Was That All About? Part 2

Last week saw the final gatefold covers of DC's aborted WTF Certified event in April. The name of the now non-event was widely derided after it was revealed, and rightly so, but the covers themselves - the main cover supplemented by a surprise on the gatefold - was a neat idea. I tried to remain as spoiler free as I could, both in the run up to it when covers were being released on the net, and in my weekly Cocktail posts.

Now it's all over, I figure it's time for a quick look at the ones I bought, continued from yesterday. So, in alphabetical order...

JUSTICE LEAGUE - not a scene that actually happened but what do you know, someone's found Batman's plans to take down the League should they go rogue. Paging Mr Waid and the Tower of Babel storyline.

PHANTOM STRANGER - that the Question was behind the Stranger's stabbing was slightly less surprising than having Dr Thirteen do the actual deed. So yeah, I guess this one worked.

STORMWATCH - Jim Starlin stripped out the old Stormwatch and replaced them with his own version, negating a bunch of stuff that has already happened in the New 52 and in other comics as well. That DC let him do this was probably more surprising than the cover!

SWAMP THING - while not actually happening like this in the story, Superman's appearance was actually a surprise so, again, I guess that worked.

SWORD OF SORCERY - with Eclipso returning to Gemworld at the end of the issue before this one, this was hardly a surprise at all.

TEEN TITANS - Trigon and Raven had been teased in earlier issues so it wasn't surprising to see them turning up.

THRESHOLD - I think this one above all the others surprised me when I opened the gatefold. It was more a "Woah!" moment than "WTF?" but then I guess that's just me. Good work to all concerned: this one got me.

WORLDS' FINEST - sad to say this one was spoiled for me; saying that, as no-one realised that's the new look Desaad on the cover masquerading as Mr Terrific, it wouldn't have been much of a surprise, more a scratch of the head, wondering who that was.

So there you go, those were the ones I bought. Any of them - or others - really surprise you?

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