Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WTF Was That All About? Part 1

Last week saw the final gatefold covers of DC's aborted WTF Certified event in April. The name of the now non-event was widely derided after it was revealed, and rightly so, but the covers themselves - the main cover supplemented by a surprise on the gatefold - was a neat idea. I tried to remain as spoiler free as I could, both in the run up to it when covers were being released on the net, and in my weekly Cocktail posts.

Now it's all over, I figure it's time for a quick look at the ones I bought. So, in alphabetical order...

ALL STAR WESTERN - sad to say this surprise was sort of ruined for me thanks to the internet; still, it's nice to see Booster back in action.

AQUAMAN - not a scene that's replicated in the comic, but a cool (no pun intended) image nonetheless.

DEMON KNIGHTS - this one was a definite surprise for me; I opened the gatefold and thought "Blimey!" Somehow, I don't think "Blimey Certified" would have sold well for the name of the event, but this one worked.

EARTH 2 - another surprise was the debut of Mr Miracle and Big Barda in the pages of Earth 2 although their one page, non-speaking appearance hardly warranted the cover. Still, good to see them back.

FURY OF FIRESTORM - Dan Jurgens' decision to bring back all of Firestorm's old foes for the grand finale isn't the best he's ever made so this reveal was more of a disappointment than anything else. And is it my imagination or does Plastique's head look out of place? It looks like Jurgens drew Black Bison then started on her and realised that Bison's arm would obscure her face, so he just extended her neck.

GREEN LANTERN - another surprise for me was seeing Sinestro standing tall amidst the ruins of the other Lanterns. Again, not something that literally happened, but still worked.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS - Mogo's return was no real surprise as John Stewart and Fatality had been working towards that over previous issues.

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS - Simon Baz was a White Lantern for all of five minutes. As he's not a character that really does anything for me, this reveal was something of a m'eh moment.

Remainder of the covers tomorrow!

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