Sunday, 12 May 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #226

Heheh... snort...ha... hahaha,,, sorry... heh...

A paltry showing this week due to a box of comics being damaged upon delivery to my local shop and thus being sent back.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #20 - and as Green Lantern #20, the finale to the Wrath of the First Lantern, hasn't shipped, I deliberately haven't read this, the epilogue to it.

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #3 - Stargirl's not happy with her position as JLA cheerleader, while the rest of the team take down Ivo's Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman robots but find the mysterious HQ of the Secret Society has vanished. So Catwoman plays burglar with the intention of getting caught (although Green Arrow almost ruins things by turning up unannounced) and she ends up being dumped in Arkham Asylum before getting out and being picked up by the Society.

It's not bad, though I'm still not a major fan of Finch's art. Catwoman's stay in Arkham is all offscreen - probably taking place in the pages of her own book

THRESHOLD #5 - after last issue where part of the city was abducted by Brainiac, several of the Hunted are now miniaturised and running around an even smaller (in terms of relative space) area while the populace are still gunning for them as one hapless character finds out. Jediah Caul, meanwhile, retrieves his power battery, recharges his power ring and manages to get out of the containment field which Brainiac's not happy about. In the Larfleeze back-up, we find out who stole his possessions and why with the story finishing and leading into the new ongoing.

All told, this was good stuff - both the art and plotting on both stories is working a treat.

And what made me smile:

Because sometimes you just want to have Hawkman punch Green Arrow in the face.


  1. Sounds as if The Hunted has gotten better, so I may check back in.

    1. Well I'm enjoying it but it's just been announced that the series is finishing in August with #8. Maybe worth picking up as a collection?


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