Sunday, 19 May 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #227

Try saying that five times fast!

Another small week for me:

DEMON KNIGHTS #20 - having saved Paradise Island from Cain and his vampire hoards last issue, the Knights now turn their attention to Shining Knight's quest for the Holy Grail which, thanks to some information from the Amazons, they have a good idea of it's location. They head off and face a most unlikely foe before finding yet more clues from Merlin.

Another good issue - Venditti continues making this series fun and action packed at the same time so it's a shame to hear of it's cancellation in a couple of issues' time.

FATALE #14 - in the grim days of World War II we find Josephine captured by what appear to be Nazis but who are working for something far, far more terrible than Hitler. We also learn how Walt Booker first met her by rescuing her from those same bad guys.

This series is great, it really is. Everything from the writing to the art just works so if you haven't been reading along and enjoy some noir/horror stories, go pick up the trades.

SWORD OF SORCERY #8 - Eclipso launches his final attack on the House of Amethyst which forces Amy's mother and aunt to do something they never thought they would: work together. With their help, though, Amy is able to not only repel Eclipso's attack but also trap him within the black diamond once again, though where that diamond disappears to is anyone's guess.

As a final issue, things mostly get wrapped up, at least in terms of the big storyline. Where Amy and her cast will appear next is anyone's guess (though I've a vague recollection of hearing Justice League Dark mentioned). While never really setting the world on fire, this was a good, solid eight issues.

And what made me smile:

Oh, Vandal Savage, how I'm going to miss you!


  1. Vandal Savage could and should carry his own series.

    1. Oh, if only! That I would buy.


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