Sunday, 3 February 2013

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #213

Blueholes. Heh.

ALL STAR WESTERN #16 - even while convalescing, Jonah Hex is still someone to be reckoned with as Mr Hyde finds out to his cost when he attacks the wheel-chair bound gunman. Before that happens, though, Hex also proves himself able to deal with odd situations in an unorthodox manner: he lets the previously house-bound mother of Amadeus Arkham out into the garden for some fresh air, a remedy that seems to work.

It's a good issue on the whole though not a great deal happens for once.

AQUAMAN #16 - the attack by Atlantis continues as Cyborg gives up his last surviving lung in order to be able to save Bats, Wonder Woman and Superman who've been sent to the bottom of the ocean by Ocean Master. Coincidentally, that's where the Trench creatures have recently been released from as if the League's leaders didn't have enough to contend with. And there's a twist at the end which is both surprising and effective.

A good issue; Batman almost apologises for being a dick and there's the League reservists in action including a delightfully bloodthirsty Hawkman and what may be the new Atom as seen in last year's Free Comic Book Day issue.

THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #16 - Firestorm manages to track down the Continuum's base by playing possum and letting them catch him and ends up inadvertently destroying it a bit more than he meant to. Dr Megala's memory of his time as Firestorm is conveniently forgotten and the other international Firestorms are confirmed as being inactive by the Teen Titans who're calling next issue.

A good issue again although I kinda liked the idea of multiple Firestorms.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #1 - Bd'g and Simon Baz fill Guy in on what the Guardians have been up to just as the blue munchkins call every Lantern back to Oa, supposedly to inoculate them against the Third Army. It's a trap, of course, but thankfully one which Kilowog and Guy are able to alert the remaining GL's against in time, sending the entire Corps against the Guardians and the Army. Then the Manhunters, under the command of Atrocitus, arrive to kick blue arse as well. Then John and Fatality witness the resurrection of Mogo who decimates the Army. Then Kyle as the White Lantern arrives. It's all going pear-shaped for the Guardians so they draw on the power of the First Lantern who finally breaks free, promising to destroy everything!

Blimey, there's a lot going on here. It's nice to see some Lanterns back that haven't been around for a while, like Soranik and Iolande, but I was hoping for some conclusion to the Guardians' shenanigans. Hopefully that'll come soon.

TEEN TITANS #16 - Red Robin and Red Hood face off against each other at the behest of the Joker while the rest of the Titans help the Outlaws save the populace of Gotham. And, to quote the caption, "elsewhere... perhaps elsewhen" Trigon turns Raven into his weapon of terror.

As this is mostly a Death of The Family crossover it didn't really intrigue me, though the redesign of Raven is a little unusual. Still, back to normal next issue hopefully.

And what made me smile:

Hex has his priorities!


  1. "...but I was hoping for some conclusion to the Guardians' shenanigans."

    Geoff Johns doesn't do conclusions...

    1. True - I don't think he can write the words "The End" without immediately writing "...for now" after them.


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